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We are an Brookfield Window Company

Providing full service repairs for your glass and windows in Brookfield Illinois.

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Glass Repair Brookfield

Our window repair services include the following areas, Window Screen – Glass replacement, Screens and Doors – Windshield repair, HVAC Control Unit – Plug replacement, Parking Meter & Miscellaneous Refinishing, Sheeting – Window replacement, HVAC Control Unit – AC power control unit, Freestanding Sound and LED Wall Light Installation, Ambient lighting, Fog lamp installation, Window screen replacement, Screen installation, Door replacement, Windshield repair and Window insulation repair. After work at the house, bring home a few dozen frozen pop bottles to celebrate! Whether you need a replacement glass, a new sliding screen door or have been having difficulty adjusting a cable you purchased with your sliding screen door, we will fix it. We also offer window replacement and retrofit services as well. We also help find the perfect place to add a second story to your house or business.

Brookfield Glass Repair

We'll be happy to help you make any needed repairs or replacement. We offer the installation, repair and replacement of your broken or damaged window screens, hardware, sliding screen doors and trim. For a sliding screen door and screen replacement, you need to give us a call. We are also one of the few local companies that are able to help you get this installed. You can either let us do it or we'll provide our technical team to handle it for you. And that's not all! You can also ask us to install and maintain storm windows, assist with sliding glass doors and other appliances, or install and maintain your own window glass as part of a tax deferred savings plan. We also offer personalized window and door repair services to provide a tailored service for your specific needs. We've trained our staff in our professional window repair services to work with you and your overall design. If we don't have a window or door that you need repaired or replaced, then we can help!

A Brookfield Window Repair Company

We have been serving Brookfield Illinois and surrounding areas for over twenty five years. We are passionate about great customer service and pride ourselves in working with customers to ensure that their home is running as smoothly as possible. Let us give your home a professional, hassle-free facelift! Call our team today to get started! We work on many different types of construction and residential building materials. We do extensive door repair and replacement and are the team you want for window services. Call or stop by our store today to learn more about window repair services. Our approach is relaxed and we believe in giving our clients great customer service.

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What We Offer

New Glass Units

We can provide fast glass units in both single, tempered and double pane styles.

Window Repair

We can come out on location to repair your windows. You can also bring them into the shop.

New & Re-Screens

We will make you new screens or provide rescreens in fiber, aluminum and pet screen mesh material.

Storm Windows

We can make you new storm windows for both your window and storm door inserts, call for pricing.